Hover over each continent of this interactive map to see a list of the missionaries supported by Shelton Beach Road Baptist Church.

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North America  

Radio Bible
Janice Baker - Hati
Ed Bausell Family - Sioux Indians
Bill Harvey Family - Mexico
Mark Haynes family - Navajo Indians
Carolyn Herrington - Honduras
Max Kennedy Family - Nicaragua
Steve Kilpatrick Family - Alabama Church Planter
Robert Keeton Family - Rock Of Ages Prison Ministry
Mike Kelly Family - Rock Of Ages Prison Ministry
Glenn Ketchum Family - Rock Of Ages Prison Ministry
Jerry Kinman Family - Guatemala
Dan Kursinsky Family - US Armed Forces
Lighthouse Children's Home in Costa Rica
Bernie Maret - Fishers Of Men
Nate Mortenson Family - Honduras
Aaron Pack Family - Alabama Church Planter
Adolfo Ruesga Family - Mexico
Rick Schuessler Family - Bahamas

South America  

Steven Byrd Family  -  Ecuador
Tim Helton Family - Peru
Jason King Family   -  Argentina
Bill McGhee Family - Cliff
Jesse Parnell Family - Uruguay
David Smith Family - Brazil
Daniel Sparks Family  -  Chile
Oliver Williams Family - Peru


Peter Aletter Family - Turkey
Arvin Devers Family - Scotland
George Dimakos Family - Greece
Doug Doan Family - Lithuania
Tim Downs Family - Belgium
Jamie Homan Family - Rome
Russ Ivison Family - England
Jack Loveday Family - Spain
Bob Marshall Family - Wales
Brennan Penner Family - Belgium
Stetson Planck Family - Italy
David Price Family - France
Richie Orrick Family - Wales
Larry Quade Family - Wales

Travis Snode Family - Ireland

Lavon Waters Family - Spain
Don Williams Family - France


Jeffery Brown Family - India
Michael Burgett Family - Japan
David Green Family - Taiwan
Del Hooge Family - Phillipines
Kazu Kato Family - Japan
George King Family - Japan
Ruth King - Japan
Bruce O'Neal Family - Phillipines
Bob Phillips Family - Phillipines
Bob Piatt Family - Japan
Jim Smith Family - Japan
David Speights Family - Thailand
Chris White Family - Singapore
John Wynn Family - Phillipines


Ben Bounds Family          - Africa
Mitch Calmes Family       - Tanzania
John Cooley Family          - Burkina Faso
Jerry Daniels Family        - Kenya
Bob Dodson Family          - Tanzania
Phil Long Family               - Madagascar
Tyler Masters Family        - Muslims/N. Africa
Luke Shelby Family          - Kenya

Central America